Renovations and refurbishments

You intend to renovate, refurbish or modernise your building? Then you’ve come to the right place! We offer flexible refurbishment packages, from single intervention and small repairs to complete, overall restorations and renovations.

Refurbishments are a sustainable investment in the quality and value of your building. Time takes its toll on every building. Refurbishment measures not only fix actual damages and defects that have evolved over the years, but also help preserving the building fabric. State-of-the-art upgrades increase the quality of housing and reduce energy costs.

Professional and experienced

Every refurbishment project needs to be thoroughly thought through and well planned. Prior to the project we therefore will perform a detailed analysis and consultation in order to get best and lasting results. Our clients’ biggest advantage: During your refurbishment project you only have to deal with one contact person from planning to completion. We accompany our clients through the entire project in a proficient and reliable manner. Thus you can easily keep track of the building progress. Thanks to short lines of communication we can achieve perfect overall results.

We offer a wide range of refurbishment services:

Single interventions

  • painting and decorating – internal & external,
  • floor pavements,
  • dry walling,
  • structural steel work,
  • wall drainage,
  • fixing water damages,
  • refurbishments of balconies/terraces,
  • facade renovations,
  • insulation of upper storey’s ceilings,
  • replacement of windows and doors,
  • full thermal insulation facades,
  • installation of lifts/elevators,
  • development of barrier-free infrastructure,
  • sewer and drain repairs,
  • other insurance claims,
  • etc.

Overall measures

  • bathroom conversions and fittings,
  • refurbishment of apartments,
  • refurbishment of bars and restaurants including planning and local authority work,
  • refurbishment of business premises,
  • refurbishment of doctor’s offices,
  • kindergardens,
  • fixing fire or storm damages,
  • renovations of heritage-protected buildings,
  • energy efficiency improvements,
  • complete refurbishments,
  • remodelling of buildings.

Underground structures: bases, drainage, excavation et al.

In the field of underground engineering we also offer a wide range of services. Customised according to the needs of our clients we plan and construct:

  • paths,
  • driveways,
  • car parks/parking lots,
  • drainage,
  • wells,
  • etc.

In preparation of the project we will perform a detailed analysis and consultation in order to facilitate the implementation of the project to the best of our ability.