Build a new house – right from the basement to the roof

Build a house. Already the little ones dream about it and are busy practising with toy blocks and legos. We followed our dream and became proper builders: master builders. What we like most about this: We can now help you to make your dream of building a house come true. Together we realise individual solid brick houses or tailor-made, modular and prefab solid construction houses, from planning to handing over the keys.

Be it a traditional single family house, a modern multi-storey dwelling or an exclusive country house, no matter if you already have a concrete idea of your future home or still open to suggestions: Our designers will develop a solution which will perfectly match your wishes and needs. Our site managers will keep the construction process running smoothly. Finally, our skilled craftsmen build your house from the basement to the roof, reliable and with utmost care. And you? You have everything under control, but without the hassle of dealing with the execution of the construction work, local authorities or different contractors. That’s how new homes are built these days!

House types – individual and custom-made

We plan and build individual solid brick houses or tailor-made, modular and prefab solid construction houses.

Haus bauen: Massivhaus

Solid brick houses

  • individual architecture
  • full flexibility
  • long-lasting and of stable value
  • natural, sustainable building materials
  • high resale value
Haus bauen: Fertighaus

Modular/prefab houses

  • wide choice of layouts
  • fully customisable
  • short construction period
  • solid, prefabricated brick elements
  • high-precision, machine made

Paying attention to time and money

Budget and timing are two of the major challenges when building a new house. We guarantee reasonable value for money and timely completion.

Our  fixed price guarantee ensures financial security from the beginning since you always know what building your house will cost in the end.

Furthermore you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises because our site manager permanently monitors the agreed budget and timeframe. Thus we will build your house while you can enjoy maximum security and peace of mind.

Sustainable and energy-efficient

Buildings are a vital element of a green lifestyle. Our buildings make a major contribution to eco-friendly construction and housing by implementing natural building materials, energy-efficient designs and most advanced building technologies. Last but not least it’s the tenants who benefit most from low energy costs, high usability and the healthy indoor climate due to the use of natural, ecological building materials.

Natural and sustainable – why bricks are the best building material

If they want to build a house that is steady and solid, people in this part of the world have always preferred bricks as their building material of choice. Today we not only appreciate the excellent qualities of this natural building material when it comes to durability. Also the many advantages of fired clay with regard to thermal and noise insulation as well as fire protection provide for a fantastic feel-good factor and best environmental compatibility. Therefore we solely rely on bricks: both our individually planned design houses as well as our custom-made prefab houses are solid brick constructions.


  • are breathable and function as a natural air condition.
  • can retain heat and have excellent thermal-insulating qualities.
  • cancel noise and are natural sound absorbers.
  • are stable and more or less unbreakable.
  • are fireproof and do not emit poisonous fumes.

Around the house: garages and gardens

If you aim to build a house living up to the highest standards, you are well advised to plan its outside space and facilities right from the beginning. But also at a later stage we are the right place to contact for planning and constructing garages and carports as well as garden structures and buildings. We build terraces and paths, swimming pools, fountains and many other things. Thus you can benefit from our comprehensive building skills not only when building your house but also when landscaping your garden.